2011 Spring Newsletter


Dear School Law Section Members:

Every time I have the chance to visit with school law section colleagues, I am reminded of how lucky I am to be a part of this organization and to serve public schools. With each year, my respect for the work of the section and the work of public educators deepens. I truly believe that our system of public education is unique among the world’s educational institutions. Our democracy is both the root and the product of our American vision of free, universal access to quality education. In this time of political and economic uncertainty, when the challenges to our public education system are too numerous and daunting to list, I am prouder than ever to represent public schools and the people who dedicate their lives to building future generations.

In that spirit, I am delighted to say that our section continues its work of providing continuing legal education and opportunities for professional dialogue among lawyers working in the field of public education. This newsletter is one such forum. We owe co-editors Leticia McGowan and Allan Graves a great debt of gratitude for the time they dedicate to bringing us this valuable resource. Please help them continue to offer useful and timely legal information in the newsletter; if you have ideas for future articles, please contact Leticia at lmcgowan@dallasisd.org or Allan at ag@all-lawfirm.com.

I encourage you to attend the School Law Retreat July 15-16, 2011. The retreat consistently offers excellent CLE and a matchless opportunity to foster personal and professional relationships within the section, but in 2011 there are three more important reasons to attend:

  • The 82nd Regular Session of the Texas Legislature has just concluded. We will be eager to discuss the outcomes with our colleagues.
  • The retreat will be at the exceptional Hyatt Lost Pines Resort, which offers something for every taste, from outdoor recreation to quiet luxury.
  • Most importantly, this is our silver anniversary – the 25th annual School Law Retreat. Don’t miss the chance to celebrate this milestone with old and new friends alike.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve the section as this year’s chair. Nothing I can do in service as an officer will adequately express my affection for our section.

Joy Baskin
Section Chair 2010-2011

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