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The School Law Section of the State Bar of Texas is dedicated to providing a forum for information related to legal issues arising in public schools, junior colleges, and universities in Texas to a wide range of legal practitioners and education law related associations. Section membership includes individuals who represent the interests of parents, students, employees and employee organizations, educational institutions and governing bodies of institutions, and state and national education-related agencies and associations. A broad diversification of interests and an atmosphere of professional cooperation help to make the School Law Section a unique group committed to the interests of all its constituents. Attorneys who wish to become members of the School Law Section should use the form that accompanies your State Bar of Texas membership.

Message fromThe Chair

Welcome back to another exciting year with the School Law Section of the State Bar of Texas. It is my honor to serve as this year’s Chair, and I greatly appreciate the opportunity to serve our Section. My predecessors set a high bar, and I am committed to meeting their standard of excellence this year. We are truly unique among other State Bar sections and attorneys in general. Our continued commitment to collegiality, cooperation, and service sets us apart. Now, more than ever, it is critical we carry on this legacy.

This year the Section is offering a new and improved website, with improved functionality and access to information. It is our goal to provide the Section with updates, general information about the Section, contacts within the Section, CLE programs, and other resources.

At our retreat this summer, the Section approved updated Bylaws to address much-needed changes. Included within the revisions, the Section will now have a new 5-member Communication Committee. The Committee will take charge of the Section website, social media accounts, and Section communications. Twice a year, they will publish a newsletter for the Section.

Although in-person CLE opportunities may be limited for the foreseeable future, the Section makes every effort to provide attendees with relevant and up-to-date continuing legal education. Legal requirements and guidelines change by the day with COVID-19, and with a legislative session fast approaching, the Section is focused on ensuring our CLE offerings address the issues faced in this challenging year.

Traditionally, the Section provides a CLE through the University of Texas School of Law in February of each year. We plan to move forward with this plan, perhaps just in a different format. Updates are coming soon. In addition, we expect to hold the 35th Annual School Law Section Retreat in July 2021. This retreat is a family-friendly event our members attend to receive high-quality CLE in a setting that encourages us all to meet one another and our families. While we enjoy the comradery of our peers, we also have the joy of watching one another’s children grow over the years.

As always, we will strive to actively involve both sides of the Bar and a broad variety of attorneys including solo practitioners, firms of all sizes, and association representatives. Whether you represent public or private schools, employees, students and parents, or others, we want you as a part of the Section. If you are willing to help in any capacity, have ideas for the newsletter, or need more information, please do not hesitate to contact me, Meredith Walker the Senior Co-Chair for the Communication Committee at mwalker@wasba.com, or any member of our Executive Committee. With your involvement, the Section will continue to meaningfully contribute to the educational opportunities of future generations.

2020-2021 will be a year we will likely never forget and, in many cases, are eager to end. It’s definitely one for the history books! The overall themes for this year will be flexibility, grace, and patience. Maintaining a professional and collegial relationship with one another will continue to define the success of the Section.

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Thank you again for this opportunity,

Mari McGowan
Section Chair 2020-2021

Executive Committee

2021-2022 Council
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Third Year of Three-Year Term

Leslie Story
Executive Committee
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Amanda Moore
Executive Committee

Second Year of Three-Year Term

Leticia McGowan
Executive Committee
Brandon Brim
Executive Committee

First Year of Three-Year Term

Cory Hartsfield
Executive Committee
Christie Hobbs
Executive Committee

One-Year Appointment

Tiger Hanner
Retreat Planner
Amanda Bigbee
Retreat Planner
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The purposes of this Section shall be to promote the objectives of the State Bar of Texas…related to all matters involving schools and colleges

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