August 2007 Texas School Law Section

2007 Fall Newsletter


To the Members of the School Law Section:

I have a confession to make. There were many times in law school I was not sure I really wanted to be an attorney. It was only when I found out that school law existed that I started to believe I really could enjoy this profession we share. From the time I discovered school law, it has been the only kind of law I have ever wanted to practice. I enjoy the variety, the work, and the fact that ultimately we are all trying to work for the good of public education. But what I enjoy most is the people. I often tell family and friends that school law is a “kinder, gentler area of law.” The clients, for both sides of the bar, are good and decent people who share a commitment to educating children. The attorneys, on both sides of the bar, are the kind of people you can oppose vigorously most days of the year but with whom you can also share a drink or a meal dur- ing those times of the year when we come together. One of those times is the annual school law retreat, which many of us attended in July in Galveston. In addition to the great program we enjoy each year, it is a great opportunity to spend time together in a more relaxed setting – many of us have watched each others children grow up through the years. Next summer, the retreat will again be held at the San Luis Resort in Galveston. If you are planning ahead, the dates of the retreat will be July 11-12, 2008.

One of the lawyers in the section who I feel particularly lucky to have worked with is Kevin Lungwitz, our outgoing Section Chair. Even during a year of starting his own firm, he has been committed to his work on behalf of our Section and has continued the tradition of excellence begun by those who have served before him. I have appreciated working with him more than I can say.

Finally, I would like to ask each of you to consider how you might get more involved in the Section this year. Perhaps you might be able to write an article for our Section newsletter. Perhaps you might have a topic idea for our retreat or even be willing to do a presentation at the retreat. If you would like to be more involved, please do not hesitate to contact me. If you have an idea for a newsletter, our wonderful newsletter editor Leticia McGowan would welcome your submissions. You can contact her at

I hope all of you have a great school year.

Shellie Hoffman Crow
State Bar of Texas School Law Section

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