Michael J. Currie

Past Chair , Texas Classroom Teachers Association

Righting the Wrongs that Plague the Teaching Profession.

Michael earned his JD from Syracuse University’s College of Law in New York inHe received his undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan in He served as the Chair of the School Law Section of the State Bar in 2013-14, and still serves as the School Law Section’s webmaster. He has been Righting the Wrongs that Plague the Teaching Profession since he joined the TCTA legal staff in 1999.

Through his work at TCTA, Mr. Currie provides legal assistance to the Association’s 50,000 Texas members and provides legal training, grievance representation, litigation representation for nonrenewal hearings and termination hearings. Mr. Currie also trains leaders of TCTA through local and regional workshops across Texas. Prior to joining TCTA, Mr. Currie had the pleasure of working with Roger Hepworth and Laura Fowler at the law firm formerly known as Henslee, Fowler & Hepworth.

Michael is a frequent speaker at the School Law Retreat and the School Law Conference and has served for many years on the planning committee for the UT School Law Conference. As the father of two preteen sons, Michael enjoys his free time coaching their soccer and basketball teams, and remains undefeated against them on the tennis court.